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We will be adding new resources to this Affiliate Center, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back on a weekly basis!

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Your Clickbank Hoplink

We’ll be launching on Clickbank so there will be no issues over late payments!

If you don't know what a Clickbank Hoplink is, let me explain. It is simply the website URL (aka: affiliate link) that you will have people to visit and purchase Best Backlinks Ever so you can get paid your commission.

Clickbank calls these affiliate links... Hoplinks. So from now on, when you hear the word "Hoplink" you now know it means your affiliate link.

Your Clickbank Hoplink will simply include your Clickbank Nickname. I will put XXXXX throughout this page in all of the spots that you need to replace with your nickname.

Grab your affiliate link here and start promoting:

If you do not have a Clickbank Nickname to insert in place of "XXXXX", no problem! Simply click here to signup for free on the Clickbank Marketplace. In order to get paid, you need a Clickbank Hoplink. There are two methods of how you get paid which are: check and direct deposit.

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Once you go through this training you'll be on your way to bank serious Clickbank cheques. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step methods on this page and use the tools we provide you with and you should easily be able to break into the marktetplace to start gaining commissions.

You don't even need to purchase the Best Backlinks Ever course to take advantage of this great opportunity. However, we strongly recommend that once you have made some cash following the steps in this Affiliate Center, you grab the course to take your online income to the next level.

Tweet These Ads For Laser Targeted Referrals & Easy Commissions

You won't find this effective Twitter method on too many affiliate programs.

Simply copy and paste each message onto your Twitter status or click the "One-Click-Tweet" button to start tweeting. Be sure to replace the "XXXXX" space with your Clickbank Nickname to get credit for each sale.

Click Here To One-Click-Tweet This Ad (Preloads Your Status With Ad Above)

Click Here To One-Click-Tweet This Ad (Preloads Your Status With Ad Above)

Click Here To One-Click-Tweet This Ad (Preloads Your Status With Ad Above)

Click Here To One-Click-Tweet This Ad (Preloads Your Status With Ad Above)

Click Here To One-Click-Tweet This Ad (Preloads Your Status With Ad Above)

Another cool trick to use with this method and it actually hides or "masks" your affiliate link is using It's free and will also tell you how many clicks your link receives.

Advanced Twitter Promotion

Discover another way to promote your affiliate link on Twitter using this method and it actually automates the process for you. There are 4 easy steps to set this up and you only have to do it once and it brings more and more visitors to your affiliate link as time goes on.

Check this out:

      1.) Set up a Twitter account and add a photo, short bio about SEO or making money online and affiliate link on your profile.

      2.) Sign up for Social Oomph - Connect your Twitter account with Social Oomph, auto send a welcome message to your new followers with your affiliate link. Check auto-follow new followers.

      3.) Sign up for Google Alerts for automatic content generation. Click "New Alert" and Deliver To: "Feed" "As-It-Happens". For your search term use the following - "allintitle: [ADD KEYWORD HERE]".

      4.) Set up Twitterfeed to auto feed Google content onto your Twitter account. "Create New Feed", copy and paste the feed code from Google Alerts into RSS Feed to update every 30 mins, save it and let it run.

That's it!

Email Swipe Copy For List Promotion And Ezine Advertising

Simply copy and paste the email copy below that you like, and send it out to places such as your own subscriber list, ezine solo ads, media buys, or other paid list sources!

There are three tokens in the email above you'll need to customize. The first is {FIRSTNAME}, which in different email platforms may be slightly different. This token pulls the subscribers first name into the email.

The second token is {YOURNAME} in which you'll replace this with your name.

The third is the one you absolutely want to change which is the "" token where you replace the "XXXXX" with your Clickbank Nickname so you get your commission for every sale.

We are always testing out new email copy, headlines, and techniques. As soon as we lock down more high-converting emails and subject lines for Best Backlinks Ever, we will be posting them in this Affiliate Center for you.

Don't have a subscriber list yet? Then read this.

Your Email and Forum Signatures

Signature 1 : Best Kept Secret

Signature 2 : Highest Quality

Signature 3 : Need To Know

Signature 4 : Highest Recommendation

Signature 5 : The Truth

You are welcome to come up with your own creative signature files as well. They are extremely powerful and effective when sending emails and posting in online forums.

There are many online forums for making money online that you can start with. Before you start doing ANY forum marketing please first review the Forum's Terms Of Service to make sure that they allow marketing on the forum.

Some forums do not allow marketing via signature files and consider it spam.

Here is a list of popular "Make Money Online" forums, that allow you to have a Signature Link.

More Super Affiliate Marketing Methods Coming Soon!...

Affiliate Terms

The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on 1 December 2009. As an affiliate or JV partner we strongly encourage you to refer to the official FTC website to ensure that you’re promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.